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BIK Karaoke System
BIK, Best Karaoke Sound System from Japan BIK Co.,Ltd. Japan is a Japanese enterprise, who develops and produces BIK Brand and B-Questa brand karaoke speaker systems, amplifiers and microphones etc., as well as for other clients under OEM basis. BIK has been building well reputation in the South East Asian countries, Mainland China market, of course in Japan as well with offering reasonable prices, services on his good products. Eventually, a big market share was capture in a short time. Our engineer has been producing well known brand speaker systems for his customer for more than 20 years. This means and shows very clearly that high quality, high efficiency, and reasonable prices of BIK products can no way be competed by others in the market. BIK will value in development of his products continuously to satisfy our important customers for many years to come.Visit the official website for more details:
Karaoke System Promotions
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MusicBox KOD Equipment
MusicBox Karaoke Equipment. Supply of Karaoke On Demand computer system for KTV, Pubs & Karaoke Lounges.